Parker Hannifin Corporation
Hydraulic Filter Division
Hydraulic and Lube Filtration Products
Metamora, OH
MODUFLOW SERIES  Widely considered the most versatile filter available on the
market.  The unique diverter valve assembly, and inside-to-outside flow through the
element, allows the Moduflow to be confugured for in-line, in-tank or suction filtration.
12AT/50AT SPIN-ONS  Inexpensive, yet uncompromising in performance and quality.
FT SERIES  Rugged, all-metal design with options for a fill port.
RF4 SERIES  Industry proven filter assembly.  All-steel housing provides trouble free
operation in demanding return line applications.
RF7 SERIES  Ideally suited for users who view equipment space at a premium, but
not at the expense of performance.
RTB SERIES  Reliable, return filtration in a low profile, tank mount design.
CN SERIES  Economical, medium pressure range filter with excellent fatigue
pressure ratings.
MEDIUM PRESSURE DUPLEX  Innovative, modular design, rugged ductile
iron construction and coreless element technology, combined with many
other features, provide solutions across a broad range of industrial
IL8 SERIES  Excellent choices for demanding applications whether you
require simplex, duplex or quadlplex assemblies.
The Parker 15/30P filter series is known for its rugged construction and
reliable filtration.  Our 18/28/38P World P filter series is a true global design,
incorporating metric mounting and optional ISO 6149 ports.  These filters
are engineered to satisfy demanding applications in mobile and industrial
markets.  Our 50P/50PR filter series allows the user to customize each filter
to closely match the needs of the application.  It also meets SAE HF4
automotive standards.
Parker Par-Fit interchange elements allow users to acquire all their
replacement elements from one quality source, regardless of the original
equipment manufacturer.

1) Competitively priced
2) Conform to all of the same rigorous standards as other Parker
replacement elements
3) Wide range of interchange elements available